Effective Data center management promotes security from architectural level of data center design

Data centers require crucial management solutions in today’s world of complex IT systems for protection of critical data. Efficiency in management requires multi pronged strategies for a fool proof security system with constant updates and technological expansion. Consolidating multi severs under one control is the answer to every security challenge.

Besides the physical maintenance of a data center, more important is the protection of software and technology being the control of any data center management. The main reasons to contemplate efficient security systems are to reduce downtime and evade data theft. The risk of stolen information for malicious intent is always a threat factor and should be the prime concern on any data center manager.

Security should cover the following factors.

  • Governance of data center
  • Applications covered by the center
  • Operation management
  • Network security
  • Endpoint security

There are many sophisticated solutions for complex data center design to enhance security to higher levels. Consolidation of a single monitoring system including workforce, operations and software process, increases visibility of any risk factor. High level security for access to storage infrastructure where crucial data is stored in cabinets and racks should be given top priority. Implementing modern smart lock systems is a good solution in this area. Most data center breaches are caused through faulty security of physical storage rather than systems storage. In unmanned facilities, CCTV systems and remote control software can make any storage facility, tamper proof.

Data center management requires constant modernization for applications and system security.   Advanced solutions for preventing any system intrusion and usage of multi firewalls protect all cloud and virtual computing environment. Data center design should commence from the planning and architectural stage to incorporate security measures throughout   applications and processes. In fact applications should have security capabilities right from commencement of design. Consolidating all security systems under one master surveillance scanner creates a risk free environment for the data center.

Employees’ downloading at random is a big health hazard for any data center. Strict endpoint control needs to be implemented to minimize the risk of malignant viruses and miscreants entering your system. Endpoints are extremely vulnerable but there are excellent endpoint security tools available in the market today. You have software from HP or even Microsoft system center. These secure every possible endpoint by plugging all gaps in the system prone to malware and high level threats.



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