The Health Benefits of Treadmills and Elliptical Machines

Treadmill and elliptical machines both provide you with healthy aerobic workouts. While choosing between the two, you should ideally take into account your fitness targets and see which machine works best for you. Both machines have their own set of benefits and are available with complete instructions for optimum use.

Treadmills are popular among fitness enthusiasts wanting a vigorous wrkout.Perfect for aerobic exercising the machine has a padded walking surface to absorb impact and there is no question of winds to obstruct your workout. Padded surfaces are beneficial for overweight persons who put a lot of stress on knees. Exercising for about half an hour every day n a treadmill machine will help you burn a good amount of calories as compared to rowing and bike machines. Fast paced walking burns you about 100 calories for every mile.

Treadmills are good for vigorous workouts

The biggest benefit of a treadmill is that you could perform a medley of walking running and jogging to increase stamina extremely important if you are into sports like long distance athletics and boxing. The machine can be adjusted to form an incline where you could perform activity similar to running up hill slopes. A treadmill is good for a complete set of cardio workouts. Women conscious of their weight could use a treadmill very effectively as it is a great device that supports fat burning exercise. Variety in a treadmill machine takes out the boredom of daily monotonous exercising.  Speed and incline controls help you monitor different levels of running and jogging perfect for total fitness. Alternating between speeds such as interval training benefits god cardiovascular activity.

Ellipticals support low impact training

Elliptical machines provide a comprehensive workout regime. They are equipped with two upper poles that allow you to exercise the entire body by resembling the back and forth arm movements of cross country skiing action. Reverse pedaling is one important feature found on ellipticals that help you exercise the calf and hamstring. An elliptical machine benefits slow action jogging which is good when your main activity consists of simple running. An elliptical is great for low stress exercises especially if you are trying to get back into health after a possible injury. This machine also supports good cross training programmes beneficial for those requiring low impact workouts.

Be it an elliptical or treadmill, working out on these machines will assure you of good health and a stronger heart.

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